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Coronavirus Safety Measures: Protecting Employees & Temperature Check-in

Mar 30, 2020

It is difficult for many to understand the severity of this current pandemic. It is hard to predict where the coronavirus will spread next and how long it will continue to spread.

However, it is easy to stay safe by simply being aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak. People who become infected experience mild symptoms of coronavirus, but eventually, recover. However, becoming infected can be lethal for others. The symptoms can be severe and can even lead to death. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself and others by doing the following: washing your hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, practicing respiratory hygiene, and seeking medical attention if any symptoms emerge.

Coronavirus safety measures should be taken seriously both, at home and at work. For the safety of everyone, stay informed on what to do and how to prevent coronavirus from continuing to spread. Misinformation and the lack of seriousness on the issue have led COVID-19 to spread fast. As an employer, you too can do your part to prevent COVID-19 from further spreading by getting your workplace ready with the best coronavirus safety measures.

Get Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19

Get your workplace ready for coronavirus by adapting and responding to the coronavirus with a multi-faceted plan designed to keep your organization safe. In order to protect employees from coronavirus, your business needs to consider everything related to how the COVID-19 spreads among people. It is the duty of employers to give their employees a safe, healthy workplace where a pandemic prevention plan can be put in place. Past experiences with previous pandemics have taught employers many lessons on how to prepare, what to expect, and which policies to adopt to protect everyone. These lessons provide options for all employers to consider in adopting for the workplace. After all, employees need to know that their employer is confident in doing everything in their power to keep everyone in the workplace safe and healthy. Having a plan to respond to pandemics with preventative measures in the workplace can reaffirm employees of their safety. This includes limiting travel and imposing travel safety measures, sanitization, encouraging hand washing, having employees work remotely, and reconsidering leave policies among other things. Safety is first, especially during a pandemic.

Coronavirus Management Tools

In business, coronavirus management tools are systems, applications, controls, calculating solutions, and methodologies that are used to be able to cope with the changes brought upon by the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, coronavirus management tools are set in place to ensure the safety and security of a company, its workplace, and its staff. Other tools to successfully manage the COVID-19 outbreak are tech tools. Their function turns out to be more significant during this time when remote work is expected. For example, instant messaging, video conferencing, time trackers, and data sharing are all just marvelous tech tools to benefit from while working remotely. A more sophisticated tool to manage coronavirus is the use of coronavirus management software, such as Wylcome (software to help businesses of any size to set up essential measures and crucial components of BCP inside an organization).

Ways to Protect your Employees from the Coronavirus

Many ways and methods exist to protect your employees from the coronavirus. Vast amounts of information on safety tips, safety measures, and safety plans can be found on the internet from professionals, business owners, bloggers, and CEOs to help you organize a plan and implement a system to protect your employees. With that said, how do you know which safety tips or safety measures are worth taking into consideration to combat this current pandemic (COVID-19) in the workplace? Hours can be spent on the internet researching the best coronavirus safety measures. Luckily for you, you can now take advantage of the latest tools and resources to combat COVID-19 to take care of your employees and protect others. Consider the following coronavirus safety measures. They are composed of the best and most reliable, effective, and productive coronavirus safety tips collected from experts and governmental organizations, such as the World Health Organization

Monitor Body Temperature Twice a Day

The first priority that should be on everyone’s mind during this pandemic should be to stay safe and healthy. As for business owners, the overall health of their business is also a priority. A great way to stay on top of things and make sure everyone is safe from the risk of getting infected and further spreading COVID-19 is to do health checks every morning and every night. More specifically, take the temperature of your employees twice a day, and be alert of any other symptoms of COVID-19, including coughing or difficulty breathing. Maintain a log of everyone’s symptoms and temperatures for further reference. 

It is also important to keep in mind that before monitoring the body temperature of your employees, they should ideally wait 30 minutes after eating, drinking, or exercising. Additionally, write down their temperatures and any COVID-19 symptoms on a log for 14 days.

In fact, a great and free coronavirus temperature management service to monitor body temperature twice a day is provided by Wylcome. As a solution for visitor management and temperature check-ins, Wylcome brings touchless technology that enables visitors and employees to check-in at your workplace without having to touch any other device. Monitor and record your employees’ temperature twice a day with Wylcome.

Launch a Visitor Management System

A visitor management system tracks and records the usage of facilities, a public area or a site by gathering increasing amounts of information of specific visitors while also providing documentation of the visitors’ whereabouts. By launching a visitor management system, your organization will be able to digitally perform the important task of tracking who is on the premises, in the workplace, or at an event. Implementing a visitor management system will also keep track of what facilities your guests or visitors are accessing, ultimately keeping safe and secure the facilities you require to be so. 

With the current COVID-19 situation, a more advanced visitor management system that is tailored to deal with the challenges of COVID-19 is required. The most significant challenge during a pandemic for any organization is to stay operational while keeping the workplace safe and healthy. A solution to help organizations overcome this challenge is Wylcome, a software for preventing coronavirus. The software was developed to assist businesses in adopting the business continuity plan (BCP) processes that are recommended by government agencies to ensure the safety and health of the workplace. In this sense, Wylcome is a great option if employers plan to launch a visitor management system to combat the current pandemic or any other future pandemics for that matter.   

Bar Visitors and Employees Who Feel Unwell

Given the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, employers should not hesitate to bar visitors and employees who are present with COVID-19 symptoms. The virus spreads at an alarming rate and anyone who is infected with COVID-19 will automatically put others in danger of getting infected. Visitors and employees with COVID-19 symptoms should be kept separate from the rest of the staff and helped with arrangements to leave the workplace and seek medical attention while also limiting public exposure.

Many public health organizations recommend employers to bar visitors and employees, who feel unwell, from coming to the workplace for a period of 14 days after a “medium” or “high-risk” exposure to COVID-19. This means that anyone who was in close proximity or in contact with an infected person or even known to have traveled to a high-risk region, should, in fact, be barred from returning to the workplace for the sake and safety of everyone else. 

Provide Access to Washing Facilities

Providing access to washing facilities is required and an essential necessity in the workplace. Especially during a pandemic, encouraging your employees to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is more than imperative. Alternatively, encourage your employees to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as well. The safety and health of others in the workplace are at stake during a pandemic. Therefore, ensure that washing facilities are accessible around the premises. Additionally, arrange sanitizing hand rub dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Overall, protect employees from coronavirus by providing access to washing facilities in the workplace.  

Encourage Employees to Work Remotely

To encourage employees who work on their computers to work remotely is quite easy. However, the real challenge emerges when jobs in retail, manufacturing, and health care require people to be physically present in the workplace. Nonetheless, any other work, including meetings, that could be done remotely should be encouraged. The reality is that traveling to and from work during a pandemic increases the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Therefore, with the many tech tools available for free (videoconferencing, instant messaging, time trackers, etc), it is much better to employ them than risking face-to-face meetings. You can also encourage employees to work remotely by organizing a comfortable remote workplace with access to the internet, tables, chairs, and all other necessary essentials.   

Build Public Health Communication With Employees

The purpose of health communication is to disseminate the study and practice of communicating promotional health information, such as public health campaigns and health education. Additionally, public health communication influences better personal health choices by improving health literacy. In the workplace, it is important to build public health communication with employees in order to prevent the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19. It is more beneficial to empower employees with health literacy concerning COVID-19 to prevent the virus from spreading where it could have otherwise prevailed. Use the power of knowledge to inform and prepare your employees to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. In general, build public health communication with employees to properly protect your organization and your employees.

Safety Tips

To combat the spread of coronavirus and all the challenges connected to it, a coronavirus management plan should be set in place with as many safety tips and safety measures as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Otherwise, if the virus becomes widespread in the workplace, the consequences will be more costly than the costs of trying to prevent it from spreading. Essential safety tips include regular hand washing, routine cleaning and disinfecting, encouraging ill employees to stay home, reconsidering travel plans, and open dialogue with employees on how to implement more safety measures to protect employees and the workplace.  

In cases where COVID-19 has become widespread in the community, employers can monitor the body temperature of their employees by using hand-help thermal scanners, or even Wylcome before entering the workplace. It is also prudent to consider excluding staff or visitors with high temperatures from the workplace.  

Get Started With Wylcome

With Wylcome enjoy free access to a temperature check-in-tool intended to streamline the process of mandatory temperature check-ins for employees twice a day. This free temperature check-in solution comes with a range of benefits that make the experience a lot easier and enjoyable. Get your employees to submit their temperature recordings in a quick and easy method through user-friendly forms.


A pandemic can be lethal, but today with the power of knowledge and instant information, people can organize and take all necessary measures to prevent and eventually end a pandemic. In the case of this current outbreak, it is necessary to take advantage of all the resources and tools that are largely available for free for you to use to protect yourself, others, your employees, and your business. The coronavirus has caused a lot of trouble and should be taken seriously. Employers should take up all necessary coronavirus safety measures to prevent the virus from continuing to spread in the workplace and in the community. Do your part as an employer to protect your employees and to prevent COVID-19 from continuing to spread across the world.

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